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Blues with Attitude

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Colin Field - Bass

Like so many other top rock and blues musicians, Colin was classically trained from an early age, having developed a love of the classics as he listened whilst playing chess. He cut his teeth on a variety of woodwind instruments before discovering that his real passion was for bass instruments. This led him away from the classics, onto bass guitar, and from there to rock bands.

By 1969 he was touring the UK, and in 1970 Europe, with Honda, a Blues-Rock band inspired by bands like John Mayall, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and Cream. Soon, however, the challenge of working with original material called to him, and in 1971 he joined Styvar Manor to co-write and release two singles on the Polydor label, sadly a the chart success they deserved. Next came Huckleyberry Friends, with a five-year spell working for Mecca at The Empire in Leicester Square, before Garbo’s Celluloid Heros. This alternative punk outfit regularly toured Holland and Belgium and their single made the Melody Maker alternative charts. The nine-piece Blues-Rock band Emmitt Till followed, also with their own material, to perform in Paris live on French TV and with two singles and a full album to their name.

In the mid 80s he teamed up with Alan in a five-piece functions band. It was often said back then that together they formed an awesome rhythm section, and now that they’re back together, the pair of them keep saying it again!

Alan had left the functions band, to renew an old acquaintance which was to become the Bricklin Delta Blues Band. When, because of “day job” responsibilities Andy, their bass player, found himself increasingly unable to commit to the band, they approached Colin to see if he knew of anyone who might be interested. The rest, as they say, is Geography. Er, History.

There is an old saying that defines a true gentleman as one who can play  the bagpipes – and doesn’t. Colin is the true gentleman of the band. For the moment, anyway. We’re trying to persuade him to work them into a blues number!