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Blues with Attitude

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Alan Crowther - Percussion

The Crowther name is derived from the person who played a crowd, a stringed instrument similar to a fiddle or six-string violin. At some point down the line, the family stopped playing the fiddle and took up drums instead. At the age of 11, Alan followed in his father’s footsteps.

By the time he was 14 he was regularly working with 4 or 5-piece strict tempo combos, whilst Dad was elsewhere with the remainder of the orchestra. By 16, he and Dad were swapping roles, and Saturday nights often found him behind 12 or 15 seasoned pros at Dudley Town Hall or Wolverhampton Civic.

At the same time, he and some boys from school had formed an R & B outfit, and he was playing Pretty Things, Rolling Stones and Kinks covers at mid-week gigs in local youth clubs. When he and the lads started to pick up weekend dates, the inevitable conflict of interest saw him opt for Rock and Blues. After they split. He gigged around a bit until co-forming a Cream/Hendrix-inspired 3-piece called Virgo, whose only claim to fame was playing support to Trapeze, and a local band then known as Ambrose Slade. After Virgo split, and until the formation of the Bricklin Delta Blues Band, he has consistently opted for club and functions bands. In the Mid 80s, he teamed up with Colin in the 5-piece High Society, and then later in the 80s, again working two bands at once; he met Phil in a Blues-Rock outfit called The Booze Brothers.

“The Bricklins sort of take things full circle,” he reflects “It gives me the chance to play in the shed-building styles of Viv Prince, Keith Moon and Animal, as well as the jazzier, smoother styles that I started out with all those years ago”.